Sri Lankan Chocolate Milk Pudding

January 28, 2015
Serves 2
Prep time

Hi to everyone, this is my first post and i wanted to share something really sweet. I feel really happy that we going to share most of our favourite recipes here. Please check this link for submitting your recipes SUBMIT YOUR RECIPE. Looking forward to share more recipes.  If you have any problem regarding submitting the recipes. Please do send me an email to i’ll be very happy to help you. 

I remember growing up and my mum making the most delicious chocolate milk pudding at home and then having it  at school with my friends. This Chocolate Milk Pudding is my little daughter’s favorite pudding ever. She like to add nuts and scrapped milk chocolate on top of it. this is a super easy dessert that everybody will love for sure. when you are in a hurry to make some desserts, i think this is the best choice you can do.  


Chocolate Pudding