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FOOD plays a pivotal role in Sri Lankan culture. There is no celebration without our favourite food, it is the key element of all festivals and every event big or small in a person’s life.

We should be incredibly proud of our cuisine and cook from recipes handed down orally from one generation to next. This made us to think to come up with to bring together all our favourite recipes in one place, where our people across the globe can view, learn and appreciate our Sri Lankan cuisine and to create a great single source of Sri Lankan recipes for all our generations in the future.

This is your website and anyone can share a recipe you love to the world.

We publish your recipes absolutely FREE at our website, you will also be able to share these recipes with your friends with a unique web link we provide every time your recipe is accepted and published in our site. is your gateway to let the world know your cooking talent.

We are very excited to have you be part of this wonderful journey!

How it works:

  1. You submit your recipe
  2. Your recipe must be original. You can take an existing recipe and add your unique touch to it and make it your own.
  3. Submit your recipe with some attractive pictures, the pictures should be your own. That will increase the user’s desire and motivation to learn how to do it.
  4. Add some personal comments to explain why you like that dish, what occasion you made it and the reason you choose to do a tutorial on it.
  5. Provide some tips that could include things to be careful about, possible substitutions, recommendation for companion dishes, occasions this dish suits well etc.
  6. We will read and evaluate your recipe and of course we will credit you and link to your blog or website, if you have one.